Bible Camp - June 25-30 2019

Every year people of all ages gather at Warm Beach Camp & Conference Center in Stanwood, WA for an amazing week of experiencing God’s Grace!

The vision for Bible Camp is that it would be a place for CONNECTION, PROCLAMATION, and TRANSFORMATION. We envision people Connecting to build meaningful relationships, gathering to hear the Proclamation of the Gospel, and experiencing Transformation as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our evening speaker is Brad Hogenson, the President of Hillcrest Lutheran Academy. He will proclaim the Marvelous Grace of our Savior each evening!

The Sonburst (7th-12th grade) speaker is Kristian Anderson from Triumph Lutheran Brethren Church. The SURGE (4th-6th grade) speaker is Andrea Bernard from Peace Lutheran Brethren Church in Olympia. The adult speaker is Dr Paul Kress who teaches at Northwest University.

We are also adding a Young Adult option for the weekend. Young Adults can stay Friday night and Saturday night in the campground for only $50.00 per-person, including meals.

The Bible Camp Board is excited to introduce a number of new activities for all ages in both the evening and especially during the afternoon. We know this will be a fantastic year at Bible Camp and we hope you will join us!

Click here for more information and to register.

Rest & Renew Retreat - June 7-8

The Rest and Renew Retreat! June 7 & 8 at Maple Park Church.

Maple Park is called into an exciting adventure of ministry to our community. Like the disciples, we have been called to GO with Jesus as His missionary people to reach the unreached with the good news of salvation through Jesus.

Living as a church on the GO exerts energy. This is a good thing! Just the other day I felt tired from working in the yard; and it felt good to accomplish something through hard work!  

However, when energy is exerted rest and renewal is needed. Jesus and the disciples experienced this in their ministry. As the Good Shepherd Jesus knew his disciples needed rest and renewal from time to time. So, Jesus would take his disciples on a hike up on mountain to spend time in a quiet place. Jesus said to his disciples,

Mark 6:31 (NIV)
“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Jesus invites us to join Him in mission and then, as the demands of ministry and life make us weary, Jesus invites us into a quiet place.

Jesus understood what the disciples needed for effective ministry. Jesus understood what He needed in His humanity for effective ministry. As man, Jesus couldn’t keep going without rest. Certainly, the disciples couldn’t keep going without rest.

But how do we rest at the feet of Jesus? We want to answer this question for you at the rest and renew retreat. We want to show you how to rest at the feet of Jesus. Moreover, you will be given time to practice the disciplines of spending quiet time with Jesus.

Jesus invites you! He says,

Matthew 11:28 (NIV)
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

I pray you will answer Jesus’ invitation and join with him and your brothers and sister at Maple Park to find rest and renewal and then to regularly practice the rhythm of resting at his feet.

This congregation has a mission to accomplish! The only way to accomplish this mission is to start from a position of rest and renewal with Jesus.


Maple Park Church – 17620 60th Ave. W. - Lynnwood, WA 98037

Rest & Renew Retreat June 7th & 8th

All events in the fireside room at Maple Park Church

Friday 7 pm


· Fully Alive! - Ken Davis Comedy with popcorn

· Fully Alive! Small group sharing – Ben Miller

· Rootbeer & Orange floats

Saturday 9 am - 4:30 pm

“Come to a quiet place…”


· Welcome (Adam ) & Worship Team

· Devotion: Mary & Martha (Luke 9:38-42) – Mike Hays

· Personal Reflection

· Group Sharing of what was learned from the reflection time

10 min break

10:00 am

· Teaching on spiritual disciplines, “The Navigator’s Wheel”  Adam Jensen

· Praying through scriptures - Don Whitney

· Individual time praying through John 14:1-14

· Praying the Lord’s Prayer: “Luther’ Small Catechism” Ben Miller

12:00 pm Catered Lunch

12:45 pm Optional Prayer Walk

1:00 pm “Oratio, Meditatio & Tentatio” – Adam Jensen

1:30 – 3:30 pm Personal quite time. “Come to a quiet place.”

3:30 pm Sharing, singing, and Holy Communion.


Meeting in homes everywhere!

L.I.F.E Groups are home-based small group Bible study and fellowship groups. Everyone is welcome to join a smaller gathering of folks during the week for fellowship and study around the Word of God. Please join us!

In January and February, all LIFE GROUPS will be reading and discussing the same short book, “Becoming a Welcoming Church”, by Thom S. Rainer. NOW is a great time to consider joining a LIFE Group! We meet in various homes on various weeknights around the Word of God, encouraging one another through LIFE: Learning, Intercession, Fellowship, and Evangelism. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Contact Dirk & Alyssa McIvor for more information. Please call 206-747-2311 or email: (Alyssa) or (Dirk)

Community Outreach - Love in Action!


Our ongoing commitment is to Cedar Valley Elementary School in the Lynnwood. Many families in our community do not have enough to make ends meet. Your ongoing donations of non-perishable food, dropped off in the church foyer on Sunday mornings, helps these families tremendously. Call the church office if you have questions. 425-743-2288.


Youth Group - Every Wed. 6:30 pm

Youth Group - Every Wed. 6:30 pm

Youth group will resume this Wednesday, September 6 at 6:30pm for grades 6-12! There will be a pizza dinner and prizes for those who bring friends! The following Wednesday, September 13, there will be another edition of Grown-Up Group. This is a fun time of interactive game action for all, including children, youth, parents, and all attenders and friends of Maple Park.